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Overview and History


We are that "pretty little church up on the hill", as many describe us, on Route 522 near the town of Front Royal.  The church may be little, but our spirit and fellowship knows no bounds.  Our primary mission is to connect with God and connect with each other.  We welcome everyone!  All races, sexes, ages, LGBTQ, singles, couples, families and children.  There are currently not enough children for a Sunday School session but there is a children's message during the worship service.  Children are asked to come up front with the pastor and he provides an interactive lesson relating biblical passages to real life.


Sunday worship service is at 10:30am.  You will find we are much like the TV show "Cheers" where "everyone knows your name".  Nineveh members and guests can worship in person, observing COVID-19 restrictions, or by live streaming via ZOOM.  Using ZOOM allows the pastor, onsite and virtual attendees to easily interact with each other.  ZOOM access is by email invitation which allows our streamed services to be private. The doors are open and ZOOM session is started at 10:00am allowing all to share their news prior to the worship service.  ZOOM attendees are displayed up on the wall in front of the church for all to more easily share.  If you are shy, there is no pressure to show your video.  Just make sure your name shows in your ZOOM session so we can recognize and greet you!

You do not need to be a member to continue attending our church but we will certainly welcome you should you like to join.

Nineveh Presbyterian Church has a long history.  Below is a brief glimpse.

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